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(writing from 2013)

a commitment to myself

I live to see, eat, smell, touch and hear the colours, flavours, odours, shapes and sounds.
I also live to see change, the gradual as well as the extreme. There is no such thing as a constant. In fact, the only thing that is constant within this universe is change. Therefore, change is constant and this force penetrates every element of life. Nothing is fixed. Everything is bound to change, nature as well as culture.

It’s like watching the sunset. With a fixed sight its ever-so difficult to detect change in the colours of the sky, only because the change itself is consistently gradual appearing to be still. But change is constant. We understand this change better after moments of not looking at the sky, then redirecting ourselves to it. We notice the change in colours, the positions of the sun, and even the change in the odour of the earth from day to night after time has passed.

Change is ever so present, but it is not subject to a specific directional course. However, within this grand force of constant change, there is a direction I hope ‘change’ goes towards...

For now, we may be at the stage in which change is only noticeable to us after not being attentive to whatever matter or object that may be in question, until visible or rapid change. But then it’s too late. We must be able to remain attentive. Not only learn to see gradual change but also to take action. However, this is only possible with our understanding as well as acceptance of change. We are the passive observers as well as the active participants. Therefore, we carry a responsibility in which direction ‘change' takes.