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Microperspectives is a documentary style video series to explore what it means to be an artist in order to broaden our understanding of who constitutes as an ‘artist’. 

By artist, one not only refers to a person with vision, but also a passion to create beauty. And by this definition, anyone can be an artist. A chef, painter, architect, videographer, director, designer, musician, or even a farmer. MUSHI believes the term 'artist' is open to anyone who truly cares about their own and others' work, further understanding that positivity, creativity, love and care are not only the bi-products of true sharing but also its prerequisites.
2013 - ongoing

Aso is a young producer that I was able to meet who has started making music in the last couple years, still going to school, working part-time and now gaining a fair amount of attention by music lovers looking for a bit of soul and hip-hop kinda vibe. He has a fair amount of following through Reddit and Soundcloud and has just been signed to a reputable label called Mellow Orange in the past couple months. I wanted to meet him while he was still at home eating his PB&J and making music from his bedroom because I know that give it six months to a year, he will be playing in shows and touring. I wanted to capture him while he is still at home, living his everyday life like any other kid on the block. Press:
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Many people know Korea for its K-POP culture with doll-like looking idol groups but hip hop has been rising in the last couple of years. Its great news for cultural development, but in such a trend-based country like Korea, it can lead to an exponential rise in hip hop music releases but what about its quality control? Are people simply jumping on the band wagon to make a quick buck or is there an actual motive to take hip hop in a positive trajectory in Korea? In this short, Owen not only discusses his goals and aspirations as an artist, but also talks about the importance in understanding the culture and history of hip hop for current artists and newcomers for a positive direction of this growing music and culture in Korea.
[Bi-lingual video subbed in both languages]

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MUSIC (in-video order)

Nafla - Locked and Loaded feat. Owen Ovadoz
Owen Ovadoz - mmm feat. Nafla (prod. The Quiett)
ODB - 어른아이 (trans. ‘Kidult’)


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This video features Miyakawa Sono. After having moved from Tokyo to Beppu, her interest lies in creating spaces for people to gather using the medium of food. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on the relationship between her Bauhaus concept of architecture and food. Food isn’t simply about taste, it is something that can also create spaces and memories.
今回のアーティストは宮川 園です。東京から移住して、別府にはまって暮らしている宮川さんは食べ物を通して人が集まるスペースを作っています。このインタビューでは宮川さんの考える建築の概念や食との関係について話します。食べ物は味だけではなく空間そして思い出を作るもの。

Translator - Reiko Knapp
Music - Live recording of Souya & Mariam playing the KORA @ つるみそ、宮古島。

You can see Sono's latest creations here:

The Commission Magazine
Shown at Milan Expo 2016 & Asian Studies Group Film Festival

This video tells the story of a young bamboo master, Takayuki Shimizu (a.k.a. Zu Sensei) in Beppu, Japan.


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Inspired by a dream to capture the moment of stillness as well as movement using the body and water.
There are moments throughout life in activities of high concentration and engagement when we cannot understand how time ‘went so quickly’ or ‘flew’ by. Such perplexing moments, which seem to move in contradistinction to the normal everyday experience of living in time as generalized by western forms of historcism, have been characterised by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as the ‘flow experience’ (Csikszentmihalyi 1988). This experiential state is specified as both psychic negentropy and optimal experience in which “all the contents of consciousness are in harmony with each other"(ibid:24).

This state of ‘flow’ exemplifies the moments of happiness and pleasure (psychic negentropy) when we feel as though we are in the right place at the right time. It is the state of ‘being’ where time is one continuing force, deconstructing the common notion of the past, present, and future as separate temporal states.

This ‘flow’ is like the ripples of the water, in constant motion and change.

A collaboration piece completed within 24-hours of meeting Mai Ueda, my dream, then to filming the next morning.

Csikszentmihalyi, M., Csikszentmihalyi, I., (1988). Optimal Experience: Psychological studies of flow in consciousness, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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